My New GEM

januari 8, 2018

imagine a door
needed for gas heating in habitat
my new GEM

That’s exactly how I feel about this little door. My most valued gem together with two special bracelets and of course my blue stone.

Today I am happy … longing … you know … ❤

Door for cleaning the gas heater.

Nu – Just nu!

januari 8, 2018


nu – just nu
längtar varje cell innerligt
efter dig

BR 17 år

Skrivpuff: Nu.


Dagar som Ler

januari 6, 2018


En annan dag är ljus.
Den dagen är sprudlande.
Alldeles klar blå som energi.

Den ena dagen
är inte den andra lik,
eller ens nästa.

Mina dagar är mina
ibland träffar jag dig
då ler dagarna.

Crazy Art by blogfia - Swaying Life

Skrivpuff: Mina brukade dagar.

Under the Sky

april 17, 2017

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En vecka

april 7, 2017

En vecka … tillsammans med finaste Mathilda … mitt GullHjärta … i underbara Budapest …

in sun and wind
the music is softly playing
for hearts

… medan vi promenerar … pratar … shoppar … och njuter.


Roaring Lion

september 24, 2016

eyes are smiling
while inner tears sobbing
the lion roars

So it is! – I just said it!

februari 7, 2016

10 000 steps aday
and among

and art
and social
yes yes
of life

I just said it!
So it is!

Blue - blogfia being creative :)


januari 28, 2016

The day when <> was born. Before <>. Of course I made a mistake by clicking on when I wanted it to be I have to live with this.

I will make this one of my favorite blogs and I am just now updating and renewing it. Hopefully it will be a nice place to spend some time at – enjoying photos, maybe som poetry, other words, thoughts, now and then Crazy Art and …. whatever pops up in creativity 😉

Now I think I want another glass of red wine. Cabernet Frank it is and one of my favorites. Maybe I can decide if I shall have a static front page here or not. What do you think? Perhaps it will make it easier for visitors. When I visit other blogs I want it to be easy to find things. I hate when it is time-consuming barriers! I want it to be light, clean and easy. I also hate ads.

nice and easy
while looking around
I like that

Ps. Clare Turton is one of my favorite show dancers. Tina made a perfect choice here 🙂