To Love a Gemini

Att älska en TVILLING ❤

Secrets from the Underworld

This is for any Gemini sun, moon, rising or anyone who is Mercury dominant or has personal planets in the 3rd house.

To love a Gemini means to love the way words can be spun together like gold. Whether in written or spoken form, Gemini will love that different combinations of letters and sounds can communicate a seemingly endless array of sentences. To love a Gemini means to listen to them talk, sing or tell stories; their knowledge of the power of words will simply astound you. They will seem to be able to go on forever, but there is power in words, and they know so. Be patient, you just might learn something.

To love a Gemini means to love laughter. With Gemini, there will be a lot of this, as well as smiles. Gemini is happy-go-lucky. Never one down for the count for too long. They simply love…

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